Boothlaunch 2018

Boothlaunch 2018 is now making its first step to branch out wider – its aim is to provide the photobooth industry with the accessories to help maintain their businesses. We do see a requirement to replenish the carpets, holdall bags for fold-up booths, printer bags, printer media, props, skins and many more.

We strive to provide quality hence our researchers have been searching globally for the best materials to help equip your Photobooth business – we will be presenting shortly our own branded “Open Premiere Chenille Carpet” in a oval shape (1m x 1.8m) – Chennile based fabric with a non slip based to ensure your booth will look presentable all night.

Open Premiere Chenille Carpet : Now £35.00

(Reduced from £55.00)

Designed by: Boothlaunch

Size: 1m x 1.8m

Material: 100% Polyester



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Mirror Chennile Red Carpet for just £35 - Provided by #boothlaunch #notape # nonslip #mirror #photobooth

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Mirror Chennile Red Carpet for just £35 - Provided by @boothlaunch #notape # nonslip…


Boothlaunch was spawned from a Photo Booth business based in Warfield, Berks.

Our primary aim is to provide photobooth startups and the established with services to provide props packages, red carpets, Hollywood poles and more.

Please be free to call us on 07879 693540 or email